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Candice Davis is a 10 year veteran in the entertainment business. She is taking her talents and experiences to the blog and podcast world! You can listen to her adventures on her new podcast The Little Miss Entertainment Show. A new episode drops every Monday. Make sure you like  subscribe and use #LMEPOD to join the conversation.

November 13, 2017

People so often say Awesome and I are "goals". We are just living our lives. We are doing the best that we can for one another. We recently went to LA. It was a great trips. Just like anything it had it's ups and downs. Overall it was AMAZING because as long as Awesome...

Today we gather together to celebrate true & undeniable love.  Love is selfless, Love is understanding, Love is accepting ones flaws, mistake, and weakness and having the strength to carry that person to make that person better, but, more importantly never turning your...

The Little Miss Entertainment Show is not stopping! Season 3 continues with the beautiful, insanely talented, and ridiculously funny actress/songwriter/comedian B.Simone. This week I sit down and get the story behind the VIRAL PRINCESS.  Follow her @TheBSimone on Twitt...


It's the friend of the show and my best friend Janessa's birthday! Please make sure you wish her a happy birthday! I need you guys to help me with the second part of my present to her. She wants to start an advice blog! If you are looking for a little advice on relati...

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