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Best Websites For Swimwear

Summer is here, even if outside isn't open all the way back up. If you happen to have a pool or live close to a lake/beach you will still need some slamming swimwear.

I, like most girls love to have a variety of bathing suits. Especially if you're a content creator you will need options for your social media post.

I've never like to spend a ton of money on swimwear unless I need something super supportive for water sport that case don't go cheap. The worst thing that could happen it to be on a wave runner and your ta-tas are out because a bikini top strap broke.

The first thing is to identify what type of swim wear looks best on you. I have a very athletic build. I have broad shoulders and long legs. Two pieces or one piece with mid section cut out look best on me. Stick with a style that looks flatter on your body and then change up the color. Don't feel like you need to experiment with the style of suit, if you want to alter the look of the fit change the accessories. Switch out your sun glasses, earrings, and cover up. Those small changes will make the same bathing suit look completely different.

My absolute go to websites for swimwear:

  • Amazon- don't knock it until you try it. Amazon had the widest selection of swimwear compare to any department shows. You can type in tiny banana bikini and you know what, Amazon has a tiny banana bikini. I was having a hard time finding swimwear for our engagement cruise and my fiancé said why don't you try Amazon. Well, why did he tell me that. I got all my bathing suits for that trip off Amazon. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

  • Matte Collection- $16 is always an amazing price point for swimwear. Matte Collection always runs amazing sales. Just the other day they had a 2 hour sale that all swimwear was $10! You can beat that. The quality is amazing. The padding in the bust area is great and the lining of the suit offers maximum coverage even in the water. Below are photos in my Matte Collection Swimwear. Same style suit, different colors.

I hope you find a bathing suit that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortably for one of these websites.

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