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Wedding Day!

Today is the day. We were suppose to get married today. How do I feel about the postponement? In full transparency... I am so glad.

Not, that I don't madly love Evan. Not, that more than anything did I want to marry my best friend in the world. But 2020 is a whole hot mess and it's above me now. I am living it in God's hands.

One thing I know for sure that I need to enter our union in a happy place. To be completely honest I can't be happy with all the senseless killing that has happen in the last four months. I don't really feel like celebrating knowing Breonna Taylor's killers are walking free.

Between BLM and the pandemic this year was not the year to get married. It was a hard decision to make but, I am so thankful that Evan encourage me to be rational and make decision for us and our family. Check out our thoughts on this weeks podcast. Click the podcast tab to listen to the latest episode of The Little Miss Entertainment Show Podcast.

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