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Who Is Little Miss Entertainment?

With so many new followers I thought this would be a good time to explain the name Little Miss Entertainment.

If you are new here my name is Candice Davis and I go by Little Miss Entertainment. Why you ask? Well, get cozy because I am about to tell the story.

Fresh out of college I was seeking a job in radio and/or television. I graduated from Wilkes University with honors in the prestigious Lambda Pi Eta communications studies National Honor Society, in the Who's Who of College & University Students, and numerous other awards. I thought I had earned my way into any job that I wanted. Little did I know, I was wrong (no pun intended).

When I didn't find my dream job upon graduation, like many young adults I had to move home and get a survival job. I had tenure at our local Applebee's so they welcomed me back with open arms. I quickly fell into a depression. I couldn't believe I had this "degree" and I was still cleaning up riblet bones from an all you can eat promotion.

One day after working a double I walked into my backyard and started to sob crying to my mother. She looked at me and said, "Why don't you apply for a job at the casino?"

My entire family worked in the casino and I never desired to follow in their footsteps. It was a business that was open 24/7 and didn't care about holidays or any day off period. That was my young naive personality showing. I didn't know much but, I knew my mother was never wrong so I started looking at jobs.

There were a few coordinator jobs open in the entertainment department. I, of course thought that would be a perfect fit because I interned at an Arena. I applied to a few position and I course the one I wanted the least called me back. It was basically managing a small theater that had cover bands and magic shows.

Little did I know, it would be the best opportunity of my life. If you want to hear more about my career catch up on my podcast The Little Miss Entertainment Show.

As I grew into my role as entertainment coordinator we were getting new name badges. We had to give ourselves fun titles that expressed our role on the team. BOOM! Little...Miss...Entertainment was born. It was the title on my name badge that I turned into my brand.

Little Miss Entertainment is any person that loves to go to concerts, loves throwing dinner parties, loves finding a bargain on great designer clothes, loves traveling the world. I took that brand and turned it into a interview style podcast. I interview amazing people with amazing stories. The type of stories that everyone can relate to. We talk about funny things, serious things, and love things. It's been five years since we started the podcast and the brand Little Miss Entertainment was born.

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