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What Should I Wear?

October 17, 2015


It’s the classic too young to be old, too old to be young battle but, when it comes to your attire you definitely need to dress your age.  You know that feeling you get when you see a teenager with a scantily clad outfit on, the world looks at you like that when you’re in your late 20’s early 30’s wearing clothes that are too tight or don’t fit properly.

The cat is out of the bag after 25 if you’re not in the gym everyday your body is not how it used to be in your teens and early 20’s. That’s ok!  By no means am I saying you have to shop at your mom’s store but, you do have to come to realization that you need clothes that fit and the proper undergarments. Yes, some of us now need a girdle! You know what, that is ok.

Some of my favorite age appropriate brands are as follows:

  • Metaphor at Sears- This is my go to brand! They have a high frequency of different designs and styles. They have great street wear, office/professional attire, and very sex date night dresses.

    • Price $

    • Average $40-$60 complete outfit

    • Size 2-18

    • Style: Trendy

  • Bar III at Macys- I absolutely love every piece in this brand. It has everything you are looking for if you are the stylish woman on the go. I normally get most of the leather jackets from this brand.

    • Price $$

    • Average $80-$120 complete outfit

    • Size 2-14

    • Style: Upscale Trendy

  • Banana Republic- I would say 90% of my office attire is from here. They have great coordinates that you can mix and match. The quality of the clothes is amazing…I suggest if you looking for longevity in clothes you wear as frequent at your work clothes.

    • Price $$

    • Average $80-$200 complete outfit

    • Size 0-18 (carries petite sizes)

    • Style: Professional

I mention undergarments before. There is nothing worst when you have a bomb outfit and the wrong bra and panties. Your bra and panties are a huge investment… don’t skimp on them. I am not saying break the bank but, spend a little money on something nice. A few of my go to store are:

  • H&M- I buy almost all my bras from here. I have never had an underwire come out. They are very durable and very sexy!

  • Forever 21- I know it sounds crazy but I get all my sports bras from here. They are by far the most comfortable and I’ve tried tons of brands. Trust me!

  • Victoria Secrets- I get all my panties from here! I’ve been loyal to them for many years. I am not going to lie… I don’t really like their bras for the price and quality. I typically buy my panties here and then go to H&M to match them up

  • CVS- before you give the side eye. Yes, you need to make a stop at CVS. If you are going to work with a skirt on you need to wear pantyhose. I coupon and I save my points to by essentials like pantyhose, knee hi, etc. I haven’t paid for these items in over 2 years…all for free. (I will get into that in other blog) you will thank me later!

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