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You Are Gorgeous

November 9, 2015


One thing I've notice recently is that people are not loving themselves for who they are. I am talking about having low self esteem. Many women go through this. I am too fat, I am too tall, My hair is too short... I am too this; I am too that.


We all go through our "ugly days"... you know those days that we don't feel our prettiest. We can't let that get us down. We have to remember that there is always something great about ourselves!


Here are some quick tips that will make you feel better when you are having a case of low self esteem:


  • Curl your hair…it’s something about putting bounce in your hair, that puts pep in your step.

  • Play in your make-up…yes, sit down with your phone/tablet/computer and go on YouTube, find a make-up tutorial, and go to town. This will automatically put you in a better mood and you will look great!

  • Now, you are ready for the grand finale…find the best lighting in your house and take some selfies! With your hair curled and make-up done your will automatically look amazing in your pictures. Look at those pictures are remember you are amazing everyday!

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