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The Sneaker Vault ft. Rome (@all4daluv)

January 11, 2016



Some people think they are sneakers heads... let me stop you... let me prepare you... let me warn you! This past week, I had the opportunity to sat down with one of my good friend's Rome (@all4daluv) as he gave me an exclusive look into one of his sneaker vaults. In speaking to Rome he explains "I am not really a sneaker head, I  just like to wear dope sneakers"!! That is really important to recognize. He truly is a collector and this is one of his passions, he just happens to be really good at it. You can tell that he is dedicated to finding these super rare super exclusive sneakers and really enjoys the art behind them. 


Personally, I've know Rome for years. We grew up practicing basketball in the same gym and then years later, he bacame my best friends husband. He is a family man and very humble. During the shoot, he often quoted, "I am not in a competition with anyone, I just like sneakers!!!" 


My favorite part of spending the day in the sneaker vault is how Rome so causally pulled out every pair of Yeezy's in existence, including the NIKE Air YEEZY 1,2, and HOLY GRAIL of sneakers, "The RED OCTOBERS!" Only thing missing was theYEZZY boost's which he explained were in his other vault. It gave me Goosebumps just being able to see all of them in person, knowing the majority of self-claimed sneakerheads will never see a pair in real life! Not by choice of course, but due to the hype and super exclusiveness of the sneakers. So with all this being said and without further a due please watch The Lil Miss Ent. show exclusive video below "Inside the Sneaker Vault ft Rome (@all4daluv). I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, like, and leave plenty of comments! 


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